Why Hybrid Automation

The valve automation industry continues to benefit from innovative technologies which provide new revenue streams for pneumatic actuator manufactures. For decades there has been a “firewall” between pneumatic and electric actuators. Hybrid Automation eliminates that firewall, merging the best functionality of each type of actuator.

Once our system is charged with air, it converts your pneumatic actuator to a closed loop, zero vent to atmosphere platform. We provide the interface allowing your pneumatic actuator to function as a stand-alone independent system, like an electric actuator. This provides pneumatic actuator manufacturers the ability to:

  • Convert existing methane powered pneumatic actuators to a zero-vent to atmosphere system.
  • Compete successfully within the electric failsafe sector. We require no connection to a remote compressor station.
  • Be independent from poorly maintained large compressor stations pumping out wet, contaminated air.

Reliability of a pneumatic actuator, flexibility of an electric actuator.

Failsafe Electric Actuator

Our Patented technology addresses:

  • fugitive emissions
  • methane mitigation
  • E.O. 13990

We don’t manufacture pneumatic actuators or valves. We provide the interface allowing pneumatics actuators to function as a stand-alone system, like an electric actuator. No connection to a huge compressor feeding air to hundreds of pneumatics via miles of tubing.

Our controllers are designed, built and tested in the U.S.A.